Facts You Need to Know about the Science of Addiction

Facts You Need to Know about the Science of Addiction

Once upon a time, it was generally accepted that addiction problems were the result of not trying hard enough and giving in too easily. Nowadays, with the help of science and research, how we view and approach substance abuse has been completely revolutionized.

Some of the top things we have learned from the development of the science of addiction include:

Addiction is a disease. While this is certainly not news to your detox center in Florida, science has been able to confirm that addiction is a progressive, chronic, and treatable disease that controls the reward circuitry, impulse control, and judgement of the brain. According to Dr. Michael Miller, one of the experts who helped create the definition of addiction for the American Society of Addiction, noted that, “Many behaviors driven by addiction are real problems and sometimes criminal acts. But the disease is about brains, not drugs. It’s about underlying neurology, not outward actions.”

Addiction often co-occurs with other disorders. One of the main revelations that helps explain the science of addiction is the fact that as many as 6 in 10 substance abusers also have at least one co-occurring mental health disorder. Some of the most common mental health disorders include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. While it’s not clear which one makes the other worse, it has been agreed upon that failing to address both issues at the same time can significantly put a damper on the progress made at your detox center in Florida.

The younger the person is, the bigger the problem becomes. Those who abuse substances at a younger age have a higher risk of developing a much bigger problem later on in life. The more research that was done on the science of addiction, the more it was revealed that the earlier the use starts, the bigger the problem eventually becomes in the long run. Not only that, but since adolescent brains are still developing into their mid-20s, the impact of substance abuse is that much stronger. For example, one study done by Harvard revealed that recreational use of marijuana by 18 to 25 year olds can lead to abnormalities in the parts of the brain that control emotion and motivation.

Addiction can be hereditary. For most of the people that seek help from a detox center in Florida, they can usually trace their addiction back to another relative who suffered from the same affliction. By researching more into the science of addiction, it was discovered that a combination of a variety of genes are what contribute to the chances of someone suffering from a substance abuse problem. In total, those who share the combination of genes that make them more prone to a drug problem have a 40 to 60 percent addiction risk.

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