How to Reconnect with a Recovering Drug Addict

How to Reconnect with a Recovering Drug Addict

If you have a significant other who has recently become a recovering drug addict, you should bear in mind that this is an extremely critical period in the person’s life. In fact, this is possibly a making or breaking point for the person, and so it is wise to handle this stage with delicacy and grace. If you are feeling uncertain about how to handle a few situations that are sure to come up, then consider these following pointers from Detox Boca as to how to successfully rebuild a relationship with a recovering addict.

Forgiveness. Part of the rehabilitation process for addicts is to seek forgiveness for all of the wrongs the person has committed. It is normal if you feel hurt and even mistrustful of your loved one. After all, your person broke your trust through dishonorable actions. However, it is essential that you find it in your heart to forgive the person once they make the decision to get help from a detox center in Florida. Not only will it facilitate the healing process for your loved one, but it subliminally jumpstarts your own healing process as well. It is okay to forgive someone, even if you the person doesn’t have your full trust. Make it known that it takes time to rebuild trust, and encourage your partner to continue being trustworthy. A common issue when dealing with a recovering drug addict is that they try very hard to prove that they are trustworthy, but if one mishap occurs, they give up. As a recovering drug addict, it can feel too challenging to get back to a positive space with others and to feel respected again, especially if other people carry seemingly impossible standards to live up to. Therefore, you should start small with your partner. For example, give your person a small responsibility, such as taking out the garbage on Monday evenings. If the person fulfills this promise effectively, show your gratitude. This is a form of encouragement, and it is a small building block toward a greater goal of attaining total trust once more.

Structure. Also, a recovering drug addict needs plenty of structure. People recovering from substance abuse need to be instilled with a sense of a greater purpose. It is important that the person feels needed and valued, especially during their time at a detox center in Florida. In order to guide your loved one, you should arrange activities and productive tasks for him or her to become immersed in. Make sure that the tasks are fulfilling, and in time you will watch the one you love grow into a passionate, driven being. Encourage your partner to build strong relationships with other people too, such as friends and family members. Allow your partner to get involved slowly, at his/her own pace. It simply takes patience and time.

Space. Provide your person with love, but do not suffocate them. Remember that substance abuse recovery is a personal process. The person requires time to grow individually and rediscover what he/she wants in life. Provide ample space for this to occur, but also remain emotionally available if your partner needs it. During their time spent at a detox center in Florida, provide warmth and respect, and as much closeness as your person wants.

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