How to Tell if Your Loved One Is a Functioning Addict

How to Tell if Your Loved One Is a Functioning Addict

When most people picture an addict, they picture someone who is wildly out of control, has most of their life in shambles, and who is constantly in and out of a detox center in Florida. To put it bluntly, most people assume that users stand out due to their inability to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Contrary to popular belief, addiction can affect everyone from your neighbor down the street to your close family members. In fact, most people with a substance abuse problem appear completely normal and float through life seemingly without issue.

While it may have crossed your mind before, how can you be sure that your loved one is not hiding an addiction from you? If you have concerns, check out this guide from Detox Boca on how to tell if your loved one is a functioning addict.

What defines a functioning addict?

Spotting a functioning addict can be difficult when you don’t know what to look for. Some people are exceptionally good at managing their drug abuse problem, and as a result can avoid getting help from a detox center in Florida for quite some time. A functional addict can take the form of a social drinker who seems successful, until one day their problem becomes out of control; for the most part, the definition of a functioning addict includes all types of people.

What questions should you ask?

Get to the root of the problem and determine if your loved one needs to get help from a detox center in Florida by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How often are they under the influence? If you notice that a family member is taking their prescription medication long after their condition has passed, or one friend has to have a glass of wine every night with dinner, then this is a red flag that your loved one might be a functioning addict.
  • Do they need a glass of wine to unwind? Relying on a chemical substance to help you feel a certain way can point toward an underlying problem. Pay attention to patterns in your loved one’s behavior in order to decide if they need the help of a detox center in Florida.
  • What happens when the addicted behavior can’t occur? If someone has a meltdown when their prescription bottle is empty, or if they realize there is no wine in the house and they have to immediately run out and buy a bottle, then this points toward someone being a functioning addict.

What do you do to help?

The hardest part about dealing with a functioning addict is not only that they hide their substance abuse problem from others, but that they also hide it from themselves. If you need extra backup when you address your loved one’s addiction problem, then having additional information for them to read for themselves never hurts, such as this article on the four signs someone is an alcoholic.

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