The Cost of Alcoholism

The Cost of Alcoholism

Some people who are currently alcoholics may argue against the accusation of whether they are one or not. If their alcoholism inevitably ends up having an effect on those around them, as well as renders them incapable of having a healthy relationship, then drinking becomes more than simply “no one’s business but my own.”

More often than not, those who are in recovery are surprised to find out the actual devastation that their drinking has caused on those around them. The cost of alcoholism affects many more people than simply the addict. Not only are they doing damage to their own interpersonal relationships, health, and maturation as adults, and so forth, they are doing much more damage to their wallets than they realize.

More so than just affecting personal wallets, alcoholism deeply affects the finances of our national, state, and local finances. In fact, alcohol-related expenses cost federal, state, and local governments $223.5 billion. Of that total amount, taxpayers are paying for about $94.2 billion of the total bill.

The government and the taxpayers are not the only ones that end up footing the bill for the nation’s alcohol problem. The workplace suffers as a whole, with alcoholic workers becoming increasingly unreliable and absent until they are eventually gone and are no longer able to contribute any help. As a result, coworkers are forced to pick up the added slack that the alcoholic has left behind. If the company is not losing productivity, then the coworkers end up paying the cost of the individual alcoholic’s absence.

In order to stop someone from abusing alcohol, they unfortunately may not listen to those around them and may find themselves in a questionable situation before they finally realize that they need help. The costs from accidents caused by drunk driving rack up to about $14 billion a year. This number does not even factor in the amount that it costs to insurance companies, emergency city employees that are responding to the accident, car owners, and anyone or anything else that may have been affected by the accident.

In total, the amount of alcohol that people drink within the United States costs the nation about $94.2 billion in tax dollars. With such an incredible amount of money being spent annually on alcohol, a majority of that could be reduced if alcoholics sought the necessary help that they need in battling their substance abuse problem.

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