The Stages of Alcohol Detox

The Stages of Alcohol Detox

Have you finally decided that you cannot bear to deal with one more hangover? Are you ready to get back in control of your life? Then in order to set yourself up for a lifetime of sobriety, you first need to complete an alcohol detox at a Boca Raton detox center.

By going through an alcohol detox, you allow your body to repair itself from all of the damage caused by years of drinking. Your liver will love you, your skin will magically begin to clear up, and your vision will become clearer. To top it off, you will finally be able to manage the daily intricacies of your day to day life, such as holding a steady job, finally being able to finish school, and being able to manage your finances much more efficiently.

But before you get to that point, you need to complete alcohol detox from a Florida detox center first. Knowing what to expect first will help make the alcohol detox process go as smoothly as possible. Understanding the main stages of alcohol detox will also help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a Boca Raton detox center.

The First Stage

Once you start your alcohol detox at a detox center in Florida, the brain of the addict enters into a period of hyperactivity. This is because the alcohol is detoxing from the body, and as a result causes an array of withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms can include anxiety, irritation and tremors, along with obsessing over alcohol. This phase of alcohol detox is the most important, mainly because it is when medical management is the most necessary in order to ensure that a relapse doesn’t occur. Without the help of a Boca Raton detox center, most people do not end up even completing alcohol detox.

The Second Stage

This is generally where the physical withdrawal symptoms really starts to kick in, and the Florida detox center will be able to help with making sure that there are plenty of fluids and electrolytes provided. Some of the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

– Clammy skin

– Dilated pupils

– Headache

– Insomnia

– Loss of appetite

– Nausea and vomiting

– Rapid heart rate

– Sweating

– Tremors

During this stage, the physical alcohol withdrawal symptoms peak and then slowly taper off; once this happens, the worst part of withdrawal is over.

The Third Stage

While your body may have finally reached a stable place, counseling, coaching and other rehabilitative measures will need to be taken at your Boca Raton detox center. In order for recovery to truly be successful, a plan needs to be created in order to make sure that healthier coping mechanisms are in place.

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