Rapid detox is a newer option for drug detox that speeds up the detox time and recovery time for patients who wish to kick the habit in a hurry. This is a great option for patients who can afford the detox treatment and can find a safe and certified detox center that offers rapid detox.

Detox itself can be dangerous, especially for any of the 3 Bs: booze, barbiturates, and benzos. Improper detox from one of these drugs can be fatal. That’s why rapid detox is even more dangerous if not done correctly but professionals.

Danger 1 – Bad Detox Centers

One of the most common dangers of rapid detox is the danger of finding a bad detox center. We highly recommend that anyone considering drug treatment and detox research the best facilities in their area before committing. In fact, look for rapid detox out of state as well. Find the one that works for you.

Before you commit to a rapid detox program, ask some questions about the drug detox facility you are going to be visiting:

  • Are Staff Members Certified Medical Professionals?
  • Does the Program Use ICU Beds?
  • Does the Center Specialize in Rapid Detox?
  • Does the Center Have an Integrated Aftercare Program?

Take your time to vet the detox center you hope to use.

Danger 2 – Other Medical Issues

It is absolutely vital that you are honest and thorough when discussing rapid detox with your treatment center professionals and doctors. Every detail of your medical history is never too small or unimportant. There are lots of avoidable health risks that can lead to major health issues if not planned for during the detox process.

One of the most overlooked dangers of rapid detox is the effect that the process has on your body. Even healthy individuals feel the stress associated with detox. Add to that any additional unforeseen health problems and you have a recipe for disaster. Be honest with your physician.

Danger 3 – It is Still Considered Experimental

Remember that this process is still fairly new and still considered experimental by the drug addiction community. Some of the dangers of rapid detox are unknown because there are many aspects of this process that medical science is yet to figure out and understand. You take a chance when you decide to try rapid detox.

Final Thought

There is still not proof that rapid detox is easier than regular detox. Though some may have a preference, it’s difficult to say conclusively that rapid detox is easier. Consider this when you weigh your options.

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