Prescription pills are nothing new, but in recent years, abuse of these drugs has become problematic. Prescription drug abuse comes in many forms, such as taking more than the prescribed amount, injecting the drugs, or ingesting them in a way that does not follow the recommendations [1]. As the misuse continues, dependencies can form. Detoxing from the controls of prescription drugs can be tough, but it can be done. At Detox Boca, we offer medically monitored Florida detox for patients who are ready to break free from prescription drug abuse.

The Factors of Prescription Drug Abuse

There are many factors that influence the development of prescription drug abuse patterns in a person’s life. Adolescence is often the riskiest age for developing a prescription drug addiction [2]. Additionally, people who already abuse other drugs are more likely to deal with prescription drug abuse [2]. Prescription drugs aren’t just opioids, there are harmful benzos as well. Studies show that many people who abuse prescription drugs initially use the drugs for their intended purpose, such as sleep aids, painkillers, or benzos for improved attention [2]. In other cases, individuals misuse prescription drugs just to get high. In any event, helping an addict detox from prescription drugs requires a professional approach.

The Challenges in Prescription Drug Detox

Because there are many different types of prescription drugs, the withdrawals experienced during inpatient or outpatient detox in Delray Beach will vary widely. Withdrawals can include symptoms such as sweating, anxiety, rapid heart rate, seizure, and stroke. Because the symptoms can vary so widely, it’s crucial to choose medically monitored Florida detox. With the right medical attention on hand, any detox symptoms can be safely treated.

Prescription drugs, like many other drugs, alter the brain’s chemistry. This alteration creates physical dependencies that can create challenges during withdrawal. Sometimes, specific systems of the body are affected, such as the nervous system. This leads to more pronounced detox symptoms. But not to worry, our professionals at Detox Boca are here to help. Contact us today to break free into sobriety with the help of inpatient or outpatient detox in Delray Beach.



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