Hallucinogen Detox

Hallucinogenic Detox

Hallucinogenic detox includes those drugs which have a direct influence upon perceptions of reality. Seeing, hearing, feeling sensations are all distorted by the chemical reactions of hallucinogens in the brain. This class of drugs alters the serotonin system that affects behavior, as well as the regulatory system that influences mood, hunger, body temperature, and muscle control to name a few.

The intensity of the detox and withdrawal symptoms caused by hallucinogens is dependent upon the medical, physical, mental, emotional, and psychological status of the individual. While each drug can produce different effects, each hallucinogenic has its own withdrawal symptoms. Commonly these include:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Poisoning (especially with mushrooms)
  • Changes in breathing, blood pressure
  • Numbness in extremities
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Violence
  • Suicide (especially with PCP)
  • Seizure
  • Comma
  • Flashbacks
  • Depression

Treating the fears, the hallucinogenic nightmares, the anxiety, the paranoia, and the psychotic episodes is best accomplished with medication and treatment. Hallucinogens taken in combination with other drugs will most likely require medical management of withdrawal symptoms, as well.Addiction experienced physicians closely monitor client progress staff Detox Boca. Then, Treatment Alternatives’ multidisciplinary team approach and treatment protocols provides the key to learning to adjust to normal perceptions, handling flashbacks, triggers and life skills. Recovery is attainable.

If you are tired of the nightmarish reality of hallucinogenic and want to get a strong footing in reality, the Detox Boca can make that possible and prepare you to enter treatment and recovery for the long term. Call 800-598-3386 and get started today.

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