The prescription drug Xanax is widely abused, and even when prescribed by a doctor, it can be incredibly manipulative. Whether prescribed or taken illegally, Xanax is highly manipulative on the brain, working to slow receptors and produce a calming effect [1]. The short half-life of Xanax makes it dangerous, bringing risky, long-term side effects of Xanax use.

At Detox Boca, we offer Xanax detox in Delray Beach to help people find their sobriety. Breaking free from the neurochemical controls of Xanax and stopping the negative Xanax effect on the brain starts by detoxing. Unfortunately, many people are fearful of getting sober because of withdrawals. Yet, Xanax withdrawals differ from what you may think.

What Are Xanax Withdrawals?

Physical Xanax withdrawals include headache, sweating, tremor, nausea, and confusion. In general, these Xanax withdrawals last only a few days or weeks. Our Xanax detox in Delray Beach can help patients mitigate these, and many other Xanax withdrawal symptoms.

There’s another side to Xanax withdrawals which can be long-lasting, due to the long-term effects of Xanax. Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, known as PAWS, often occurs after detoxing form Xanax. Symptoms include depression, obsessive compulsion behaviors, apathy, and feelings of anxiety. PAWS can last several weeks or months after Xanax use has stopped [2].

Long Term Side Effects of Xanax Addiction

PAWS is one of the long-term effects of Xanax, creating an uptick in challenging moods and perceptions. The longer a patient was using, the more pronounced these long-term side effects of Xanax may be. Breaking free from Xanax’s effects on the brain starts by getting sober from prescription drugs. PAWS may be a long-term challenge in sobriety, but it is possible to stay and get sober. The right therapy can help treat PAWS and other long-term effects of Xanax addiction.



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