What is Detox?

Detox Boca provides Top Rated Drug and Alcohol Detox

What is Detox?

The body is a complex creation that functions with a highly elaborate communications network: nerves, cells, bloodstream, neurons etc. All of the pathways of communication link the body (organs, tissues, muscles, nerves) with a number of systems such as the circulatory system, pulmonary system, respiratory system, coronary system to name a few. These systems all link to the brain. Back and forth, through all different channels of communications,the exchange of messages enables breathing, seeing, hearing, moving, feeling, and decision making, for example.

Substances are absorbed into the body influencing, distorting, or hindering normal communication function. When addictive behavior takes over, drugs and/or alcohol severely alter brain chemistry, brain structure, mental health states, physical health, emotional and psychological health.

Once that occurs, the body must move through detoxification to return to normal function. The alterations in brain function, the length of time using or drinking, the amounts consumed, the combination of drugs and alcohol ingested, and the number of previous detoxifications,all have a serious impact upon the detox process.The cessation of drugs and alcohol immediately sends the body into chaos as it seeks balance.Withdrawal symptoms, which impact every bodily system, can be profound, painful and life threatening.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s protocols for Detox and Substance Abuse Treatment, detox consists of three phases:

  • Evaluation
  • Stabilization
  • Preparing client to enter substance abuse treatment

Treatment Alternatives’ Detox Boca provides every client with medically monitored individualized detox based upon a comprehensive assessment. Our detox protocols prepare clients to immediately transition into treatment. We provide continuum of care for all levels of treatment. Housing can be arranged if needed during the detox process. Call 800-598-3386, you can overcome your fear.

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